May 9th, 2008 Meeting

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From 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM
At John Brecher’s House
1128 Rock Creek Dr. Garland, Tx 75040


NTEAA BBQ Meeting at Johns House

The May meeting of the North Texas Electric Auto Association was held on May 9th ,2008 at John Brecher’s house at 6:30pm. Food and drinks in the form of a cookout were shared by our gracious hosts. The meeting was then called to order by President John Brecher.

The need for local dues was discussed and a motion to set local dues at $20/year for non-national members and $10/year for nation members was nominated and approved by a show of hands. It was determined that a prospective member could attend for the first three months without paying dues. Dues would be pro-rated at $10/year for those joining at mid year. Tentatively, the dues would be collected at the first of the year. It was decided that we would first generate a list of our members and then decide how to collect dues for this year.

The possibility that the NTEAA would be the first education chapter was discussed. Students would not pay membership dues but the chapter would still be able to collect dues for the students through the National Chapter. John has enquired at his place of employment for the facilities to start the education chapter.

We briefly discussed the NTEAA t-shirts. The NTEAA t-shirts were distributed during last month’s meeting at the show in Plano. We lost approximately $30 in shirts to thievery. Payment for the remaining shirts is $5 per shirt and is due to John.

It was also mentioned that the old web site is still active. No one currently has access. Ed Kaufman was the last one who we new kept up the old web site. Paul Schaffer will call Ed to see if we can have it disabled.

New business was discussed next. The Scout show is Saturday. The NTEAA will display three vehicles. John’s sparrow, Jared’s Fiero, and Paul’s scooter will be displayed. The vehicles need to be set up by 8:00AM.

The upcoming solar racing events were also discussed. (There seemed to be two events intermixed in this discussion. Please help me out here). John is going to contact Dr. Marks to find out if we can be of assistance and display at the Winston Event. There also seemed to be a college event that we may be able to display at??? The Solar Taxi run was also discussed. If the Taxi run need sponsorship, we may want to provide.

David mentioned that his Talon was going to be on display at the Kennedale car show. He mentioned that the event organizers were excited about his participation.

There was a short discussion about traveling to the Renewable Energy Roundup later this year in Fredericksburg. It would require trailers and a great bit of coordination.

A club build car for Susan was discussed next. A major issue is where it can be built. The requirements are as follows:

Miata or New Beetle preferred
Need to retain trunk space
Only needs to seat two
25-30 miles Round Trip at Highway speeds
No charging available during the daytime
Manual Transmission
Air Conditioning
Power Steering
Power Brakes
Defroster and Heating
Maintenance Free Batteries
Approximately $10K to invest

We need to look at the requirements and come up with options.

Following this discussion the meeting adjourned and some rides were given along with Mike sawing up a Li-on cell. No fire department required. Some people though it looked like the insides of a capacitor.

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