June 14th, 2008 Meeting

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From 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
At Love Field Aviation Maintenance Building
7555 Lemon Ave., Dallas, TX 75209


The June meeting of the NTEAA was held on Saturday June 16 at 10Am at the Love Field Aviation Maintenance Building. President John Brecher called the meeting to order and the minutes of the May meeting were read and approved.

A discussion of dues followed with a motion to start collecting NTEAA local dues next month. The motion was approved. Yearly dues will be twenty dollars if a local member is not a member of the national EAA and ten dollars if a local member is a member of the national EAA. This year dues will be pro-rated to be Ten dollars for non-EAA members and Five dollars for EAA members. First time visitors will be allowed to attend three meetings before dues are required. Several suggestions were made for pro-rating the dues and various raffles and or prizes for dues members were suggested for consideration but no action was taken.

Following the dues discussion John Brecher made a suggestion for consideration. The suggestion is to divide the NTEAA into two branches. Many of our members are traveling a great distance to attend our meetings. Not all of our members are able to drive their EVs to the meeting. The suggestion would be to have one NTEAA branch in Dallas and the other in Ft Worth. The two branches could meet on alternate days for those wishing to attend both meetings. Or a suggestion was made to meet in each branch in alternate months. Minutes would be collected from each branch meeting. One issue brought up was how to handle voting. Thoughts on how to iron out branch chapter meeting will be discussed further next month.

Bill Bohan then discussed the 501c status. We have not yet completed the 501c and have spent approximately $1000. It should be completed shortly. We discussed the need to collect money for the effort at the next meeting. Bill tried to discuss the structure of the Non Profit Corporation 501c but was interrupted. There was a motion to discuss the 501c matter at a separate board of directors meeting so that the monthly meeting time would be more useful for discussing Electric Vehicle issues. The motion was approved and we will discuss the 501c issues at a separate directors meeting in the future. The results will then be presented to the membership for approval.

The meeting was then opened to general discussion. There was an announcement for the North American Solar Challenge solar car race in Plano on July 13th. The German team will host an open house on June 28th at the Addison airport in hanger 117 (please send details to the web master for posting). If visiting remember that aircraft have the right-of-way and yield to the aircraft.

Since we had so many new people attending, we then went around the room and introduced ourselves and our EV interests. The meeting was then adjourned to the parking lot for an examination of the vehicles in attendance

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