July 12th, 2008 Meeting

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At North American Solar Challenge (Solar Race Event)
From 10 AM to 11 PM
Plano Centre
2000 E Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano, TX 75074


NTEAA at North American Solar Challenge

The July meeting of the NTEAA was held on Saturday July 12 at 10Am at the Plano Center the site of media day for the North American Solar Challenge. The NTEAA displayed John Brecher’s Fiero and Sparrow, Paul Schaffer’s scooter, and Jared Leverington’s Fiero in the Plano Center parking lot next to the Solar Challenge area. President John Brecher called the meeting to order under a shade tree on this very hot day.

Dues were discussed and can be paid for the remainder of the year by sending a check to the treasurer Bill Bohan. The address will be put on the web site for dues. President John Brecher updated us on the new meeting place for the next meeting on August 9th at Marlo’s House Restaurant. Directions will be posted on the web for the next meeting. There is a need for more business cards and brochures. Paul Schaffer will get some additional business cards printed and John will check on acquiring more brochures from the national chapter. There was an inquiry about shirts. No shirts are currently available. The member that bought the shirts has moved out of state. We will research the web for additional sources and styles.

Paul Schaffer proposed a scooter competition as a way to generate more involvement for those who may want to experiment with electric vehicles without the cash outlay required for a conversion car. If there is interest, please contact Paul. I will post more details on the group mail site.

The meeting was then adjourned and the NTEAA members enjoyed the rest of the day viewing the solar vehicles and discussing EVs.

North American Solar Challenge Vehicles and Teams

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