Fredricksburg Renewable Energy Roundup

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Saturday Sept 26th, 27th, and 28th, 2008

Renewable Energy Roundup

Fredericksburg, TX

NTEAA at Fredericksburg Renewable Energy Roundup

(details from their website)

Come learn solutions to global warming: You can make a difference!

Solar – Wind – Geothermal – Water Use & Reuse – Energy Conservation – Rainwater Harvesting – Green & Sustainable Building – Organic Growing – Alternative Transportation – Straw Bale Construction – Exhibits – Free Guest Speakers – Natural Food – Family Activities

Gate fee includes:

Exhibits and on-going demonstrations
Speakers and workshops
Fun learning activities for kids
Musical performances

Many NEW Exhibitors and Speakers!
It’s all on the grounds, for ONE fee!

For an added fee, there’s more fun:

Bio-diesel fueled “Jiggle Bug” train ride
New Belgium, 100% wind-powered brewery’s beers & ales for sale

From John:
Well, let’s give everyone a report on the event. It was a lot of fun. We talked to many folks as usual. We got to compare notes with our fellow Ev groups here in Texas. Both Austin and San Antonio where there with us. Houston didn’t come. Alfonso from San Antonio was there with his Porsche 911 which was very cool. He plans to sell them competed. It runs well with the big 11 inch motor. Then there was a three wheeler that was extreme. It was A/C motored. Then an older Jeep. Nice toy. Austin had their Mazda 3 which their club members are selling from a company they have called Re-volt. They want to build these all the same and charge $50,000 per copy! So, we need a “profit center” in our chapter! They also had a member’s car which was a Saturn. Nice car. They gave rides in it. They managed to “lay a patch” each time they left the show area on a test ride. We had our share of attention as you can see from Mike’s pictures. Mike, David, Paul, myself, and Nancy did their share of talking to folks. Mr Gooch was there and spoke with some folks for us. In general, EV’s were well represented.

We pulled the car out on Sat evening so we could get an early start home on Sunday as well as we then went to the other venders to get info we wanted on other things like wind, solar, eco-building products and such. There was a lot of info there. Had lots of fun but don’t know if I want to spend that effort and money again. You know I’ll be ready again next year.

Special thanks to Mike and David Barkley for setting up the trailer and David’s F-250 Diesel for transporting the Fiero and their work at the show. That was a 700 mile trip!

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