September 13th, 2008 Meeting

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At Love Field Aviation Maintenance
7555 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, TX 75209
From 10 AM to 12 PM

Map : Google Maps

Meeting Overview:
Bill – Pulse Width Modulation
Norris – Lithium Regulators
Mark – Monitoring system for all types of battery packs

NTEAA Monthly Meeting

Well, as several have said, this was a very good meeting! Thanks so much for all who attended. The weather was very “iffy” and so many of you braved it to attend. It was 30 plus folks including three VERY well behaved young folks.

Thanks to Bill, Norris, and Mark for the very informative presentations. We all enjoyed you offering your knowledge of things we need to operate an EV. I know you new folks may have been a bit overloaded with technology but you saw we have a group of members who can help you enter our world of EV’s. I’m sorry none of us had an EV there today but I “chickened out” with the rain. Jared is doing a large redo on his Fiero and everybody has seen the Sparrow so we were without an EV, but the presentations made up for that. We will have a presentation or two at each meeting. We will try to step thru what is needed to make an EV. For the next meeting I’m suggesting an overview of a basic DC EV layout.

I was surprised with Nancy and Mike’s birthday thing. I’m getting to the age where I think those come too quickly. I don’t often get surprised but you guys did today. Thanks so much.

Now I don’t have to get a shirt made for the Dallas and Fredricksburg shows! The pricing on those shirts was very good that Mike found. Mike is going to get a price for them and we can then offer them for purchase. The ones we had have served but we need a little dressier version like this new one. Thank you Mike.

I will get details together for our October meeting chili cookout here at our house. You folks remember that it was Nancy’s suggestion to do it, right?

Again, thanks for a great meeting.
Gratefully, your President,
John L. Brecher

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