Saturday January 10th, 2009

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Saturday January 10th, 2009

At Love Field Aviation Maintenance
7555 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, TX 75209
From 10 AM to 12 PM

Map : Google Maps

Meeting Overview:

EV Meeting starts promptly at 10 AM
Field Trip to Regal Row to see a Mercedes EV.
Came back to Love Field for the rest of the Meeting
Read Old Minutes
Review Old EV Business
New EV Business
Open EV Discussions
Adjourned to the parking lot to play with the EV’s

Meeting Presentations:
Paul – Overview of a basic DC EV layout “Tech Demo”.


January’s Meeting was a great meeting to kick off the New Year! Once we all arrived at Love Field we car pooled to EVX Labs to see their Mercedes SLK EV. This was a very impressive EV, it was a new Mercedes SLK that was converted to be Electric with an AC drive system. It made the car perform just as good as the original or better. Steve (the owner of EXV Labs) gave us a great presentation of his car and talked a lot about its features, stats and his Electric Automobile Dreams. A lucky few got to ride in the Mercedes and got a thrill ride! Be sure to ask Mike Barkley about that ride!

EVX Labs

After an impressive demonstration of the cars performance, we went back to Love Field for the rest of our meeting. There we got to see Paul’s quick demonstration of the basic DC EV layout, that was a great “Tech Demo”. Paul’s work on that is phenomenal, that will be a great demonstration for upcoming events. Unfortunately Paul had to run so the demo was kept short, but it will be revisited on upcoming meetings. We also got to see some of the projects that Mike and Jared are working on with Capacitor Banks, should be hearing how testing went along with that at the next meeting. NTEAA Patches are also being ordered so that they can be put on Hats, Jackets and etc. Hopefully those will be ready for next our next meeting. There will be extras patches for sale if you are interested in getting patches. All in all, this was a great meeting, could

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