Saturday February 14th, 2009 Meeting

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Saturday February 14th, 2009

At 1000 Bulbs
2140 Merritt Dr. Garland TX. 75041

Website :

From 10 AM to 12 PM

Meeting Overview:

EV Meeting starts at 10 AM
Read Old Minutes
Review Old EV Business
New EV Business
Open EV Discussions
Presentations / Projects
Adjourn to the parking lot to play with the EV’s

Meeting Presentations:
Paul – Redid the overview of the basic DC EV layout “Tech Demo” (See Paul below during his demo) . We saw a working model of what’s in an EV (key, contactor, batteries, fuse, charger, motor, and controller). See the below picture to see how it is designed.

James and – Demo of their light products.

Mark – Demo of his BMS (Battery Monitoring System).

Paul giving a demonstration of the EV Tech demo

I’m so thank full for all who came ut today to the meeting. Our business meeting went a bit too long but the presentations by Paul, Ms. Lopez, and Mark were all great. We all learned a lot of things. I, for one, will be calling Jen about some bulb products as will others I’m sure.

I will get a calendar setup on the web page soon (already done). It will have a way for you all to sign up for “duty” at the events we have (this is ready also). I don’t think the group should be tasked with voting on whether or not to participate in an event. I think we should look at all the events we hear about and decide on the basis of whether we can work it in to our schedules. Our EV’s are more in demand now that the rest of the world has discovered what we already know about how they can be of help today. We need to be out there “spreading the word”. Lee Perez and I will get a calendar out for all to look at very soon (look no further its on!).

We had more EV’s today than I can remember ever having at a meeting and that was without Jared’s usual showing. Good to see Mike has Ram’s truck going. This is the first for James’ nice Toyota Celica to be at a meeting. I didn’t get to visit with or thank the folks who came all the way from Longview to show us their beautiful Nissan 240Z EV (Picture Below). Thank you so much! Thanks to everyone who came as you all make NTEAA a great group of EV ‘ers.

I am thinking of moving the March meeting to a week before so we can do something with Jerry Asher and his plug-in Hybrid tour stop. We will see what develops there.


David's Nissan 240Z

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