Saturday April 11th, 2009 Meeting

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Saturday April 11th, 2009

At Love Field Aviation Maintenance
7555 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, TX 75209
From 10 AM to 12 PM

Map : Google Maps

Meeting Overview:

EV Meeting starts promptly at 10 AM
Read Old Minutes
Review Old EV Business
New EV Business : Officer Elections – Scheduling Earth Day Events
Open EV Discussions
Adjourned to the parking lot to play with the EV’s

Meeting Notes :
The April 2009 meeting of the North Texas Electric Auto Association was held at the Love Field Facility. As usual the meeting started in the parking lot admiring two new EVs that were brought to the meeting. Neal Farris brought his 1999 Volkswagen Golf, and Riaan Temmerman brought his Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. In addition, we had John Brecher’s Fiero and Sparrow at the meeting.

Thirty one people signed the roster at the meeting so we continue to have excellent attendance. The roster will be scanned into the documents section of the group. President John Brecher opened the meeting. We needed to elect new officers and sign up for attendance for five upcoming events. During the opening session we discussed the conversion of airport tugs to electricity. This seems to be a growing trend. Phil Pozderac mentioned that he had seen plans to convert aircraft wheels to hub motors in order to power the aircraft during taxiing. We also talked about where to have our next meeting. Although there was no resolution ideas were brought up to have another cookout possibly in a city park. We may also combine the next “Scooter Challenge” with a cookout. The scout show wanted to know if we could commit to attending. This year the show will be in Arlington.

From John Brecher :
We held our annual election of officers. Myself (John B.), Paul, and Bill thank you all for another confidence vote to serve you another year. We made one change yesterday and that was in our vice-president position. Mike Barkley has served in that position in a most able fashion. No one in our group is doing more for the chapter growth and EV experimentation than Mike. He freely gives advice and help to all who ask. Mike asked me recently if he could not run again for the position as he had so many things going on that he needed to leave the post. Mike, in the name of all in the North Texas Electric Auto Assoc let us THANK YOU for all you’ve done. I know you will continue in other ways to help all in the EV world. Thanks so much for all you’ve done.

That being said, Jared, I know your help to this point and your energy in the EV world is going to pick up where Mike left off and perform to the credit of the NTEAA as well. Thank you for stepping up to fill Mike’s shoes. I know you are also capable of making a mark in our group.

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