Saturday, November 14th 2009 Monthly Meeting

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NTEAA Monthly Meeting

Location :  Dallas Love Field Aviation Maintenance Building
Address : 7555 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, TX 75209

We had our final meeting at Love Field Airport.  Since John will no longer be there, we won’t be able to meet at that location any more.    We had our normal monthly meeting with some new topics because of the officers change this month.  Jared Leverington will be moving up to President and Ron Swanson will be acting as interm Vice President.  We are all sad to see John moving away but we all know that he will help continue to help out with EVs.  John will be in from time to time and we hope he will be able to join us every so often.    We still have to work out the directors of certain groups yet, we didn’t have everyone needed at this meeting to get that situated.  So that will be posponed until our next meeting.

We do still need to come up with a new standard meeting place.  It was suggested to try to setup something with the FedEx building.   We will have to check in with that for upcoming meetings.  For now, our next month’s meeting (December’s Meeting) is already scheduled for Joel’s place.

We also had the scooter challenge at the meeting.  We had fewer contestants this year but still a fun time.  When the details of the Scooter Challenge are sent out, they will be posted.  Again this year DJ won the over all trophy with his very excellent build from last year.  Bill tried to make a custom battery this year, he stayed up till 2:00 AM finishing it.  It didn’t work out for the race but he is learning a lot about that chemistry.  Our newly appointed President had an accident with his scooter, he ended up popping a wheelie unexpectedly and fell off the back of his scooter.  Quite the spectacle for the people who saw it.  He just had a wounded pride.   Everyone had a good time again and we can only hope we have more contestants next time.

Meeting Agenda:

EV Meeting starts promptly at 10 AM
Read Old Minutes
Review Old EV Business
New EV Business :

1. Determine how the charter says we deal with me resigning and being replaced until an election can take place.
2. Work out the directors of certain action groups.
3. Determine regular meeting place.
4. Have a scooter challenge!

Adjourned to the parking lot to play with the EV’s and have the Scooter Challenge!


2009 Scooter Challenge Rules

November 14th, 2009 (after our EV meeting)

Scooter Rules :

Judging and prizes by voltage class. Trophies will be given out as prizes by the judges.

Three classes 24, 36, and 48 volt classes. No charging allowed during competition.
Your not limited to just scooters, you could have a 3 or 4 wheel EV (or more if you like).
Just limited to low voltage EVs.

Battery capacity limit of 20 ah. We have removed the Lithium restriction, because the price of the batteries.
They can compete in the same voltage class. Batteries must be of the rechargeable type.

Spending limit is $500 (honor system). This includes the original cost of the scooter, batteries, and/or parts..

Scooters that do not meet the requirements will be allowed to participate but will not be eligible for prizes.

Judges will assign the class and determine the acceptability of the entrant to the requirements.

Prizes for:

Greatest Range – Calculated by number of laps over a defined course over 30 Minute time period (NEW shorter time frame for this year, so don’t be afraid to go full throttle!).

Fastest (speed and acceleration) – Timed race to an orange cone, around the cone and then back. Fastest time wins.

Best looking – Popular Vote

Most Practical – Popular Vote

Ugliest – Popular vote

Safety :

Batteries must be secured to the vehicle!
The battery pack must contain a safety fuse rated to open at less that the maximum current capability of the batteries.
All vehicles must have a working brake!
No exposed wiring over 24 volts.
The vehicle must have a “kill” switch that disables drive to the vehicle motor. A switch connected to the brake is acceptable.

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