Saturday, December 12th 2009 Monthly Meeting

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Monthly NTEAA Meeting

Date :  December 12th, 2009
Time : 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location : Joel’s House
Address : 156 Hidden Circle, Richardson, TX 75081
Map It
Website : Holiday Express Riding Train

We had our monthly meeting at Joel’s house this month.  I (Jared) believe the cold and the holiday’s made for a smaller turnout at our meeting;  still we had around 15 people there.  We got to hear updates from Mike on Bohnam’s Tractor conversion and the Fiero Conversion with the automatic transmission.  We talked briefly about a Club Project, Paul is heading that project up, it sounds like a Generator Trailer might be a good small easy project to do.  Bill is going to try and put together some draft letters to get donations to our group.  Hopefully we will see some example letters shortly that we can use to try and get money for our group and projects.  I (Jared) brought up what Paul,  DJ and myself have been talking about for some EV races.   We are currently in the works for writing up rules (with points, safety inspections, multi-races, etc).  We hope to have approx 6 races this year for the EV Races.  During the Non-Race months, we will be doing EV Work Shops to work on people’s EVs  so we will have this be something we do all year long.  We should have details on this coming up, we are trying to make this some what competitive but yet fun and cheap for everyone to do and with the work shops, that gets help to the people who are building their own little EV Racers.  Plus the work shops will be great for hands on experience for people in the group since these EVs have all of the same equipment in them….. just scaled down.  Overall, it was an informative meeting and I look forward to seeing and hearing about all of the projects and events for 2010!

Please visit Joel’s website for details on his location and please visit him during his normal run time of his display.   It is very impressive display and having the train that you can ride is even more fun!  It is free to the public and you can visit as often as you like.


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