Tesla Coming to Town (Dec 27th – 28th)

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Some very cool news, Tesla is doing a road trip from California to Michigan!  2700+ Miles, 16 employees and 0 gallons of gas.  You can follow them during their trip on their website here.

Tesla Road Trip Website

They will leave California on December 17, they will be in Ft. Worth on December 27th and in Dallas on December 28th.  You can get further details here for the DFW part of their trip.

Ft. Worth Details

Dallas Details

A few member attended the Tesla Road Tour at the Motorsport Ranch in Cresson and also at the Shops at Legacy in Plano.  While at the Motorsport Ranch, they took the two Tesla’s out onto the race track and had some fun.  It was nice to see racing without all of the engine noise.  The only thing that you could hear was tires screeching into the corners.  NTEAA was even mentioned in the Tesla Road Tour Blog!  You can read up on that on the links above.

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  1. Hey NTEAA,

    It was great to meet some of you guys at our Ft Worth and Dallas events! Glad to see such a strong EV community in North Texas. Hope to see more EVs (preferably Teslas) on the roads here in 2010 — wouldn’t that make it a happy new year!


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