Saturday, January 9th 2010 Monthly Meeting

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The temperature might have affected our attendance  a little (17 people) but we still had another really informative meeting this month.  We got to learn more about David’s Prius which he is converting to a Plug-In with the Enginer Kit.  This will be a very interesting build and I am glad we will have a local Plug-In Prius!  We had a hand full of new people that seems every interested.  I hope they learned a lot and will come back and visit with us again.

We also has people from Positive Energy Resources ( come and do a presentation of the Charge Point plug in access points by Coulomb Technologies.  They had a working model of one of these charge points that they brought in and showed us how it works.  This was nice to see, it has been well through out for safety and convenience.  The first Charge Point has been recently installed at Element Hotels by the Love Field Airport (see our DFW Charging Stations for locations).  You can go to and see where all of the charge points are and see there status, so you can learn where the closest one is to you, if it is available and all sorts of info.

Mike also brought in his Power Jack Grid-Tied Inverter from  This is an impressive little device to have your Solar Panels connect directly to this device and then directly to your Grid.  It has all of the safety features built in and it automatically adjusts its self to your existing powers phase and voltage.  Check Mike’s website to learn more on this neat device.

All in all, this was a great meeting.  We learned a lot, got some good info from the folks at Positive Energy Resources and stayed warm to boot thanks to FedEx allowing us to use one of their conference rooms.  I hope you all had a fun and learned a lot at our meeting.  I hope more people will show up and bring even more to our meetings.

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