Chevy Volt Test Drive Saturday, March 13th 2010

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Chevy was doing a Volt Test Drive in Austin TX today.  Our very own John Brecher got an invite to do the test drive.    Since I (Jared) was in Austin that day by chance visiting family I met him at the test drive course.   It was great to see a fully working driving Chevy Volt.    John got to actually drive the car around their test track.  He got to do a “Sport” mode take off from a stop and he was impressed.   They did the whole day of test drives and we never once heard the gasoline engine kick on and lots of people got to drive it.  There was also a stripped down shell of the Chevy Volt in downtown Austin to see.  Click here to check out the pictures below to see the test drive and the Chevy Volt Shell.

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