Saturday, March 13th 2010 Monthly Meeting

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(From Paul’s meeting notes)

The NTEAA March 2010 meeting was held at David Murrys house, 407 Miller Rd. Kennedale TX.  The roster was taken and was scanned and posted in the group yahoo files section. David Cozad was a guest speaker.  Mr Cozas is running for congress in the Texas 6th district. David presented an idea for a personal transportation system called “Sky Tran”.  The “Sky Tran” concept uses a overhead monorail system and person transport cars.  It is a form of an electric taxi cab that uses high energy magnets to propel 3 passenger cars over the monorail system. The cars would be waiting at each station for “on demand” transport.  The system is much cheaper than traditional mass transit and could conceivably have the ability to pay for itself within a few years of use.  The system could be efficient enough to use localized solar or wind power with the panels or wind generators mounted on the supporting structures. Information can be found at

A short business meeting was held following the presentation.  We need to hold our annual election at the next meeting. Interested parties need to submit their nominations. We also discussed the upcoming show schedule. Living Green in Plano on April 17th, and Dallas Green at the convention center on the 24th and 25th of April.  We also received word about the scout show on May 8th at the Ball Park in Arlington.  We need to scheldue vehicles and volunteers for this event.  It was suggested to post a sign up sheet on the web.  I would like to add a display showing pictures of all our vehicles from our members and the projects such as the Bonham School truck and tractor and the RL Turner and Richardson projects.  Please send me (Paul) this information and I will organize it in a display.  Mr Cozad may have a display board we can borrow.   David announced he was a official installer for the Enginer Plug-in Hybrid system.  He was somewhat surprised to already have 3 or 4 phone calls inquiring about installation locally.  No takers yet.

After the meeting we examined the enginer system on David’s prius.  Justin and I brought our scooters and we did some engineering on mine concerning the chain and motor.  We determined that the motor needed more support on the chain side to prevent the scooter from slipping the chain off under acceleration.  I’m happy to report the fix works.

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