Saturday, May 8th 2010 Monthly Meeting

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Hey all, I thought that I would update everyone on the group what happened at our meeting today.   We did not have a really big meeting today.  I believe that we had about 13 people there.  We had 3 EVs (Fiero, Sparrow and a Jeep) and a plug in hybrid (First Gen Prius).  We talked about several of the events we went to for Earth Days.  We also made arrangements for the Lake Wood Stock event on May 16th.  We need to check on a few things for that event so that will get done before that event.  We also talked about possible future locations and coming up with a suggestion list of locations so we can pick out different locations throughout the year.  We got a small update on the EV Racers, DJ has a rough draft of some rules and what not.  The locations of some of our races will be at DJ’s new work location in Dallas but they won’t be moving to the new location until later.  So we may push off the races starting day by one month.  We also had our officer elections, wouldn’t you know it…. when Mike B. is away from the meeting again ….  hahaahh Just kidding Mike.  There is no officer changes for this year.  We will do some changes on how we communicate so not everyone is contacting me.  So I will see about setting up emails or email group for the officers so that we can better communications with people contacting our group.  We will also make a members directory listing to hand out for the next meeting so that we will have phones and emails for the members.  So if someone needs to get a hold of someone or an officer, they can use that directly list.  This will not be a published list, it will only be given out at the monthly meeting.

I you have a suggestion for an upcoming meeting location please email the officers and we will keep that list and use it for future meetings.  It can be at a residence, business or public location.  So send in your suggestions.

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