Bonham Texas – Heritage Day Festival

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Saturday, July 24th 2010

NTEAA was at Bonham’s Heritage Day Festival.  Really it what Mike Barkley doing all of the work.  I (Jared) showed up at the end of the event and really only got  to help bring the vehicles back.  Mike setup at 6:00 AM and was there till 4:00 PM.  He had the Bonham EV Truck and EV Tractor at the festival.  He has a lot of people asking questions about both vehicles.  Several people were really surprised that their own town’s High School was building these electric vehicles.  I (Jared) drove the tractor back to the high school while Mike drove the truck back.  The tractor was really impressive, it is hard to get an idea of the quality of the build from pictures.  But it really is built very well.  It takes off in 3rd gear like it is nothing, you actually have to be careful to not take off too hard because the front will start coming up into the air.  Mike warned me of that and I took it really easy, it drove nice and was nice not having to shift the tractor.  I was a little bit surprised on the motor noise but I guess that is to be expected, it is just out in the open.  Mike said he talked to a lot of people and had a pretty good time.  As usual we all hope that having public appearances helps promotes EVs and their usages.

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