Saturday, August 14th 2010 Monthly Meeting

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Monthly NTEAA Meeting

Date : Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Time : 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location : Paul Schaffer’s House

Address : 430 Ridge Crest, Richardson, TX 75080    map it

We had our monthly meeting at Paul’s place.  Thank you very much Paul for opening your home to us for the last minute meeting location change.  Sorry everyone for such a late notice on the location.  We had a last minute location change due to circumstances outside of our control.  But fear not for next month, a location has already been chosen.  REI has some great meeting rooms in their store that they will allow us to use for our monthly meeting.  So we will be meeting at REI of Dallas next month.

We discussed several things at our monthly meeting.  One of them is the Fredricksburg Event.  We have interest from several NTEAA members for going down there.  We believe we can get two EVs down there if Mike can get approval of the trailer usage.  So we will discuss this further online to make out the details.

Even though we still haven’t had a first EV race yet, there seems to still be interest in it from several people yet.  So we will try to continue these events and hopefully at our next months event we can have our first EV race.  Paul picked up a scooter that was thrown away that we will tinker with that in a work shop fashion, it was a little warm to work on it this weekend in the garage but a few people expressed some interest in seeing how these scooters work.

We got some updates on projects of Mike and David with plug-in Prius’s.  Mike has cobbled together an interesting addition to his Prius, he has taken some old laptop batteries and capacitors and built a pack equivalent to the Prius battery.  He has also added a small charger to charge the original Prius battery pack to a full charge state.  So when he first start driving, the Prius see’s its battery pack out side of its programmed window so it burns off the extra energy right away, making the first part of the drive as EV as possible.  David has installed the EV button on his and awaiting the rest of his plug-in kit to arrive.  Hopefully we can hear some great updates for next months meeting about both of these Prius’s performances with their plug in enhancements.

Near the end Jared was giving EV rides to some people that hadn’t ridden in an EV before.  At the end of the meeting David and Jared went off for some EV rides and did some videos that will hopefully turn into some great EV Episodes.

We hope the new people learned some good info and have a greater grasp about EVs.

Thanks Everyone for coming,


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