Saturday, December 11th 2010 Monthly Meeting

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Monthly NTEAA Meeting

Date : Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Time : 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location : Joel Occhiuzzo‘s House

Address : 156 Hidden Circle, Richardson, TX 75081

Website : Holiday Express Riding Train

We had our monthly meeting at Joel’s place this month.  We had a good turn out at our meeting, we got really lucky and had gorgeous weather.  I (Jared) brought my Fiero and Mike brought his Plug-in Prius 1st Gen.  We had a hand full of new people and asked a lot of good questions.  Some we hadn’t gotten asked before on the Plug-in Prius.  We talked a little bit more about the charging stations in the DFW area.  We decided we wanted to try and have our net meeting at the Dallas Half Price Books because they got a new charging station.  Also going to try and set a monthly meeting at EV Tech.  We eventually got an update on everyone’s projects.  The meeting dispersed into smaller groups and everyone talked about different aspects of EVs until everyone left.  I (Jared) stayed behind to work on the electric train.  I fixed the train sound system to get the choo choo working again and we also installed a fan and shroud over the electric motor.  It was getting extremely hot at night pulling 25 people on the train all night.  I’ve gone back and volunteered a few times at night and checked on the heat of the electric motor and it is running a lot cooler.  With the improvements Joel has done for 2010, he is able to run all night even with full loads on the main battery pack, he doesn’t have to tap into secondary pack.  So he getting a lot better performance out of his train this year.

Please visit Joel’s website to learn more about his train and what he does for the public.  He runs his Xmas Display every year and has 1000’s of people coming to ride the Holiday Express Riding Train.  At some time or another everyone should see his display at night because it is very impressive.  He can always use volunteers to help people on and off the train.  Also in January, he could use volunteers to help tear down the display for the year.  Please visit with him if you would like to help.

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