Charge Point Charging Station Experiance

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I (Jared) thought I would share with everyone my charging station experience.  I knew I would need a recharge in order to make it back home from our January Monthly Meeting.  So I got to Half Price Books early to pick up a little extra charge.  To get the charging station to turn on, I had to call an 800 number and give them my name and contact info and they activated the station.  I plugged in my car and then I checked out Half Priced Books while it charged.

After we adjourned to the parking lot from our meeting, we spent a lot of time around the EVs but I never checked on my EV.  When everyone finally left, I checked out my car to see how much of a charge I got.  To my surprise, my charger wasn’t even running.  I only gained about 5 miles of a charge, that’s not enough to get me home.  I checked the charging station and it said “Current Overload”.  My charger only pulls a max of 13 amps (only a small charger).  The plug that is in the charger is a 20 amp service plug (has the 1 sideways pin).  I called the 800 number and it was just a call center, they didn’t know what current overload meant.  They started to tell me that the level 1 charger station is only 110 volts so my batteries must have pulled more voltage than it could handle.  So I just told them ok and to unlock the station so I could unplug.  I ended up going to Neil’s place to pick up enough of a charge to make it home.  The station said I pulled 1.3 Kwh.  So it must have ran a little over  an hour and then they cut me off (I was there for 4 hours).  I don’t understand how I triggered an over current condition with only 13 amps on a 20 amp circuit, but even if it was legitimate, they shouldn’t of just stranded me at the store.  I think they should have cut it off for 10 minutes and let things cool down and then restarted the charging again.  I don’t think they should have cut off the charge session unless it was a serious problem like a short.  So my charging station experience so far isn’t a good one.  The station turn off and they had my phone and email and they never contacted me and left me stranded at the store.   Anyway, since I was at a charging station I wanted a photo op, so I took the Level 2 J1772 plug and set it onto my regular charge port.  But it looks like I plugged in with the level 2 charger.  Enjoy the photo!

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