You better go check your car

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I (Jared) thought that I would share a funny little story that happened to me year or two ago.  I was at a restaurant in Dallas at a Fiero Club Meeting.  We were just hanging out in the parking lot checking out all of the Fieros.  We all went to the patio to eat some BBQ and someone came up to the group and asked who owned the Fiero at the end of the line.  I said that was my car why.  He said, You better go check your car.  Someone is siphoning your gas.  I got a pretty good chuckle about that and I said, well they are going to have to suck pretty hard to get any gas out of that car because its is an electric car.

We all got a good chuckle out of that and then we went and checked out the car.  But it was pretty funny that he thought the yellow cable I had coming out of my “Gas Cap” and plugged into the wall was someone siphoning my gas.  So when you are at a public location recharging you never know what your might hear.

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