Saturday, March 12th Monthly Meeting

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North Texas Electric Auto Association held the March meeting at Half Price Books at Northwest Highway in Dallas. There was 7 people in attendance.

Before the meeting Ron Salsini announced he is selling his Fiero Conversion.  The car has the motor and adapter plate mounted but no controller or batteries.  He is asking a very reasonable price of $2500.

Bob Pflughoft was a new guest and he was interested in converting a vehicle.  Neil Farris and Michael Harris drove their conversions so we had two fine examples to show Bob after the meeting.

During the meeting we discussed the presentation given to UNT last month during engineers week.  Although the turn out was disappointing, we now have a presentation to use at our upcoming events.  The presentation is on the yahoo group site.  Neil reported on the North Texas Council of Governments EV infrastructure meeting.  He reported that the council is enthusiastic about getting the infrastructure going.  Signage was discussed with the probable conclusion of using the same signage as Austin.  Neil reported that an EVGo representative was there and gave a presentation on their system.  There was also a representative from a startup EV maker for commercial vehicles using a sodium sulfur battery with a range of 100 miles.  We also discussed the upcoming events.  The Plano and Sherman events are both on April 16th.  There is also a car show for the North Texas food bank on the 16th at Renner and 75 in Richardson.  Neil, David and Jared have committed to having vehicles at the Plano event with Norris’s Eclipse also as a possibility.

We also discussed an invitation to Landmark Bank in Denison TX.  They have a solar “tree” that is connected to the grid and on March 28th, they will have an electric vehicle charger.

Michael McCabe of EVGo charging had requested email information on our members in order to invite them to the installation of the first charge in the Dallas area.  Although we will not provide him with our members email addresses, we will contact him to find out more about the event in early April and report that back to our group.  The April meeting was asked about and I offered that we usually don’t have a meeting in April with the events acting as a meeting.  Neil’s daughter’s school is interested in building an EV.  This is an all girl school in Dallas, TX.  So we can see that EVs aren’t just for guys.  Neil and Michael gave rides in the parking lot after the meeting.

Secretary of NTEAA

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