NRG’s eVgo Launch Event in North Texas

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NRG’s eVgo Launch Event took place today to signify their launch of there Network of eVgo Charging Station in Northern Texas.  Here are a few comments from  NTEAA members with pictures of the event.

From Paul:
Just got back from the EVGO event. The first station was put in today at a Walgreens at Beltline and Monfort. The station has a level two and a high capacity DC charger for the Leaf. The plan is to have 70 charging stations in Dallas/Ft. Worth with half installed this summer. Very nice little party. On display were the Nissan Leaf Toyota Prius PHV, Mitsubishi iMiEV, Tesla Roadster, Smart fortwo Electric Drive, Chevolet Volt, Via VTrux (Converted Silverado Hybrid) and ….. Neil’s VW Golf conversion. Neil put on a good showing for the NTEAA. Our banner was also displayed on a high tech background. Speakers included Gov Rick Perry and Ft. Worth mayor Mike Moncrief. I thought Moncrief’s speech was the best.

I did learn that even if you are not paying a monthly due that you can call in and use a credit card for a onetime charge. I didn’t ask how much but I think if you’re in that situation it probably wouldn’t matter. They are also looking at adding 120 volt charging. The NTEAA was treated very well and I wish these people success.

But I couldn’t talk them out of the Leaf:(


Neal's VW Golf displayed at the NRG eVgo Charging Station Launch

From Neal :

I have to say the EVGO event was terrific. Paul and I were busy with more people and questions that we could handle. It was weird that everyone was in a suit! I am used to a more granola crowd interested in EVs!
They did a really cool set up with the cars dramatically lit. Under lit tables with clear acrylic bar stools and illuminated flower arrangements. Big white benches for seating and woven leather chairs. It was a very sleek show. There were 100 foot long video screens on both sides of the room showing scenes of Dallas and flashing logos of various sponsors as well as NTEAA.
They dropped some bucks! If they pull this off it will be great for all the EVers around.
I am glad I let them take the car, I think it really helped show a good face for the organization.
My car fit in with the color scheme perfectly. Ever car was white except the Tesla, black and a plug in Prius that was silver. Made for a dramatic look.
Maybe I’ll will make the news or the paper.
I’ll bring some pix to the meeting tomorrow.


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