Plano’s Live Green Expo on April 16th, 2011

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Plano ‘s Live Green Expo

Date : Saturday, April  16th, 2011

Time : 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Location : Plano Centre

Address :  2000 E Spring Creek, Plano, TX 75074

Website :

As usual NTEAA went to Plano’s Live Green Expo and as usual, this event is just totally awesome!  It’s got something for everyone at the event.  This year they filled out the inside of the building and the entire west end parking lot with venders, booths, information, presentations, workshops, etc.  There was tents all over outside to help keep patrons some what in the shade.  NTEAA had a great turn out this year as we had a lot to show.  We had a Nissan Leaf, VW Golf, Meyers Motors NMG, Plug-in Toyota Prius, Pontiac Fiero, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Go Kart and Mower which were all electric or at least a plug-in.  So that is 8 vehicles that we had displayed at the event.  We were fortune enough that some neighboring venders did not show up so we go their tent area.  The grown ups seem to really flock around the Nissan Leaf  and the Plug-in Prius while the kids flocked around the electric go kart.

NTEAA was also asked to be a presenter on the “Info To Go” section inside of the Plano Centre.  Neal and Ron put together a Power Point presentation just for the Expo.  Even through it was hard to hear them, the presentation turned out great.

We were told that we had the largest attendance of people on the “Info To Go” presentations.  So that is great news that we were able to draw in a lot of people to the event for our presentation.  Neal and Ron talked about some of the newest technologies in the EV World and what the differences are on all of these latest Production EVs that were being released.

While at the Expo, we ran into North Texas Renewable Energy Group (NTREG) (, we discussed a future monthly meeting together at REI.  We will be meeting with NTREG in June (11th) and give a presentation and hopefully have a good collaboration of information.  Should be a good meeting for the general public to learn a lot of information.  They will have the normal info about renewable energy and we will have our info on electric vehicles (EV).

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