Saturday, April 9th Monthly Meeting

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Monthly NTEAA Meeting

Date : Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Time : 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location : Half Price Books at Northwest Hwy in Dallas

Address : 5803 E. Northwest Hwy. Dallas, TX 75231

Website :

All monthly meetings are free to attend and open to the public.

We met under the Half Price Books for a while showing off the cars.  We had a lot of passer byers checking out the cars asking questions.  Neal brought his brand new Nissan Leaf, that was the surprise that Neal gave away early.  I (Jared) brought my Fiero, Mike B. brought his plug in Prius, and Mark brought his NMG.

We eventually went inside of Half Price Book and had our monthly meeting.  We heard from Neal and Paul about the NRG launch event of their eVgo Charging Station.  We passed around Neal’s phone to look at pictures, they are posted up on this website.  It sounds like NRG’s event was a big success.

We worked out details for the Plano Living Green Expo and the Texoma Earth Day Festival.  I (Jared) brought print outs of the layout for the Plano event to show everyone.  The layout looks like we will be right in the center of the parking lot where all of the action will be at.  We will be setting up between 7 and 7:30 AM at the Plano Event.  Mike didn’t have enough details about the Texoma event so the setup time will have to be figured out.

We talked to some new people that showed up, but one in particular we talked more about.  He runs his own landscaping company and he brought up the idea of doing all electric on the equipment.  We discussed a few electric riding lawnmower options and mobile dump charing capabilities.  He already has an electric trike that he uses to get new business and he was telling us about how he has to swap his batteries to make it last all day.  It sounded like he was a great candidate for an electric work truck and work tools to mow with.  Doesn’t that sound like a business you would want to hire!  You can’t ever mow the lawn with a gasoline mower and not smell like gasoline and exhaust.  I hope he will come to more meetings and maybe we can sit down and work out on some calculations and plans.

For the last part of the meeting we discussed officer elections.  No one sent any emails for people interested in running for office.   So it was decided to keep the officer positions the same for the most part.  Paul would like for someone else to be the Secretary for our group so we will be looking for someone to fill that position.

I (Jared) also updated the group on Joel’s progress on his Electric Train that he has been updating this year.  He has the frames of the new carts welded and made the majority of the wood side covers.  He still has lots to do, so if you would like to volunteer you can get a hold of him by email or phone.  His contact info is on his website.  While I was there, he told me about his plans to get into some parades this year like when we were in the Jaycee Parade a few years ago.  He would like to get into a few parades putting his train on a low trailer and having a few kids rid in the newly designed carts.  We thought it would be a neat idea for us (NTEAA) as well to be in the parades with the electric train, maybe even try to get one of the electric trucks to pull the electric train trailer.  So we need some help finding and coordinating some parades, if you know how to get us (NTEAA) into some parades this year please contact the NTEAA Officers.

Mike B. still has lots of the NTEAA patches.  A lot of people who ordered the patches still hasn’t picked up them.  He needs to have people pick these up, he has a list of who wanted them and how many they requested.  He has extra over the order amount for sale.  I believe that Mike B. said they are $3 for 1 or $5 for 2.  Please get a hold of Mike if you want to buy some.


After our meeting we went back outside and we talked to more people about the cars.  Half Price Books location always brings in a lot of people to see the cars.  A lot of people were stopping by to take pictures of the first Nissan Leaf in the DFW area.  So the Leaf was a big hit at Half Price Books, unfortunately the level 2 Coulomb charger didn’t work.  But because the Leaf has such a large range it wasn’t needed, it was just fun to park and charge the Leaf.    Doesn’t really speak well for the Coulomb charger…. to our knowledge this would have been the first time it would have been used and it didn’t work.  Mike was plugged into the level 1 charger and it was working so at least one of the charge ports were working.

Charge Point by Coulomb Technologies

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