Lake Wood Stock Neighborhood Festival 2011

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Lake Wood Stock Neighborhood Festival

Date : Saturday, May 15th, 2011

Time : 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Location : Lakewood Village Shopping Center (Gaston & Abrams)

Address : 6400 Gaston Avenue Dallas, TX 75214-4022

Website :

This year we took our EVs  to the Rock N Roll Blvd. at this year’s Lakewoodstock on May 15th 12 – 8pm.  This is our second year to attend this great neighborhood event. They set aside a car area that we shared with vintage American cars. Unfortunately we were so overrun with spectators that I never even got to see the other cars.

We had Mike Harris’ Ford pickup conversion, Mark’s NMG, Neal Farris’ VW Golf conversion and Neal’s Nissan Leaf, driven by Ron Swanson.

The NMG is a great draw at any event, but to have the Leaf at the same show made for some busy times. We had lots of really interested folks. The demographic of the East Dallas area makes for an eclectic crowd with many varied interest, including EVs. I talked to quite a few people who have ordered or about to order a Leaf. We all talked to many that wanted to do a conversion or find someone that could do it for them.

The Lakewood event is more music and arts than green tech, but it has that feeling of more earthy roots. We barely had time to eat lunch or sit down. That is a good thing, but Mike left us for some time and that made for a lot of work for three guys and 4 cars. Luckily Mike’s car is well labeled so that made for easier explanations.

People can’t stay away from Mark’s NMG! That car has more photos taken of it than any other car in town! Of course the Leaf got lots of surprised looks. Most had never seen one and were excited to see the first full scale production EV in this century. The VW Golf always draws interest and had many lookers.

Our display area was near the Lakewood Theatre stage, so we got to hear some great music for the entire day. We stayed until 5 and left as the real music party was just starting.

Great showing and we hope to be back for more next year with more Leafs and who knows what else!

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