Saturday August 6th, 2011 Monthly NTEAA Meeting

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Electric Car Show and Monthly NTEAA Meeting

Date : Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Time : 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Location : Bankston Nissan of Dallas

Address : 4707 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway  Dallas, TX 75244

We had our monthly meeting on the 1st Saturday of the month this time and we still had a good turn out at Bankston Nissan.  Bankston Nissan provided us all with some great BBQ lunch.  They had both Nissan Leaf’s and a GM Volt there at this monthly meeting.  We also had several of our Electric Car Conversions there.

We were able to use Bankston’s meeting room so we could stay out of the 100 degree heat.  We tried to get the movie “What is an Electric Car” to play in the TV that was in the room but it was not working.  So we will have to schedule another time to watch that movie.

So we just had our normal monthly meeting inside.  Went around the room introducing our selves, doing show and tell and hearing about projects people were working on like Bob’s Fiero Conversion and peoples experiences with the Nissan Leaf.  We even talked about some benefits to Leaf owners that people were seeing by charging on Level 1 chargers in the Texas heat (since it had been hitting 100 degrees for the past 30 days).  The conclusion was that the Level 2 charger was creating too much heat in an already high temperature environment (charging in the sun in a parking lot or even a hot garage) and not quite leaving the batteries 100 percent charged.  Even a Nissan Tech told one of our members to use the Level 1 charger in high heat conditions.  Anyways, we had some great discussions about the electric car and some ideas for conversions.  Afterwards we went out side and ate some great BBQ that was provided by Bankston Nissan and prepared by TX TN Custom Bar-B-Q.

Then we just hovered around the Electric Cars, did test drives, checking out some of the custom work that Mike H. has done on his truck and just generally having fun around the electric vehicles.

As usual charging was provided by Bankston Nissan and we had members taking advantage of that opportunity.

Bankston has been gracious enough to provide us with their amenities and we think they have a great location.  Thanks again Bankston Nissan.

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