Saturday, June 16th, 2012 Monthly Meeting

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Monthly NTEAA Meeting 

Date : Saturday, June 16th, 2012

Time : 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location : Bankston Nissan

Address : 4707 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway Dallas, Texas 75244

Website :

The June 2012 meeting of the North Texas Electric Auto Association was held on June 16th at Bankston Nissan in Dallas. The meeting was the second annual Leaf reunion. This was a large meeting with 21 signed in on the attendance sheet.  There were at least eight owners that brought their Leaf vehicles in attendance.  Neal’s VW Golf and Mike’s VW cabriolet were also there.

NTEAA President Ron Swanson opened the meeting with a review of last month’s meeting were we were able to test drive the Mitsubishi “I” and attend the “Lakewoodstock” festival.  In new news Stan Simmons reported progress on his motorcycle with the charger boards being assembled after finally receiving most of the parts.  He also gave up on the Sinopoly batteries opting to go with the readily available 70 ah Calb cells that are stocked in the US.  Last week the North Texas Renewable Energy Group held and meeting with a presentation from a participant in the Winston Solar Challenge.  The group reported that a minimum of $12K was needed for an entry.  The NTEAA would like to see a high school EV competition with a lower cost.  A new attendee Greg Kulle reported that the students at the school he works at had built an electric go cart.  He reported it worked quite well zipping down the hallways inside the school. We may need to think about something along those lines. We also talked about a possible project with EVgo.  Since we will soon have up to seven level 3 stations in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, we talked about doing something to see how far you could drive an EV in 24 hours.  This has already been done overseas but not here.  We believe the record is over 1000 miles!  This brought on a discussion about heat and some reported capacity loss with the Leaf battery.  All the reported losses were in hotter climates such as Arizona and Texas.  There’s some speculation that the battery life will be diminished due to the hotter climates. Only charging to 80%, and charging in cooler weather (night?) will help battery life. There were worries and skepticism about trying to fast charge the Leaf under hot Texas conditions.  We may find out that we’ve run into a wall on fast charging these air cooled batteries. That is a risk we will have to take if we do the project.  Michael Barkley reported on the “solar tree” project at Bonham high school.  There were two solar tree’s built by the students and some competition to see which one performed the best.  The senior class won, Michael reported that the solar trees performed very well and provides almost enough power for two small classrooms. Michael told us these panels can be built cheaply at around $0.75 a watt for the cell purchase.  The panels then have to be built around the solar cells.  We discussed the possibility of renting a 10×12 space at the new “maker space” warehouse.  This would be an air-conditioned space with plenty of power and meeting rooms.  We also have several level II charging stations that could be donated for the site.  It was reported that the Dallas Maker Space doesn’t yet have enough interest to commit to the new warehouse. If we can get the space we need to keep up with dues.  Our web site tool is not working and we discussed taking it down and collecting dues manually.  We need to get it to work, or take it off the site.

Our next meeting will be at University of Texas Dallas were they have some EV charging stations installed and are working on solar charging of some of the golf carts used on campus.  After the meeting our host served us a barbeque lunch.  The NTEAA wishes to thank Carolyn at Bankston for again hosting this event.

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