Saturday, July 21st, 2012 Monthly Meeting

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Monthly NTEAA Meeting 

Date : Saturday, July 21th, 2012

Time : 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location : University of Texas Dallas Campus

Address : Alexander Clark Center, 800 W. Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX  75080

All monthly meetings are free to attend and open to the public.

The July 2012 NTEAA meeting was held on the campus of the University of Texas at Dallas.  Our host for the meeting was Thea Junt, Energy Conservation & Sustainability Manager at UT Dallas.  There were twelve people in attendance at the meeting.

We met near the Blink charging stations at the Clark Center.  Thea told us that university has installed and is installing several charging station for use by students and faculty.   Currently they have six(?) stations installed with another two stations in the works.  The stations are at prime parking locations.  Thea told us the university is going away from the colored parking passes and is installing a license plate recognition system to track autos parked in the various lots.  The university is also installing a solar bank that will be used to charge golf carts used by the IT department.  The solar bank will be used by the vehicle technology lab to research the feasibility and equipment used for solar charging of electric vehicles.  There may also be solar panels installed on future seven story parking complex for use in powering electric vehicle charger in the parking structure.

The university also provides a “Zip Car” program.  “Zip Car” is a national privately run operation to provide “as needed” use of cars without the need for members to pay for upkeep or insurance.  The university currently has five GPS equipped cars and plans to expand to seven cars in the fall.   The students enrolled in the program pay an hourly fee to use the cars.  The cars are controlled and students billed using a wireless “fob”. In addition, the DART bus runs through the campus to allow the students quick access to the DART system.

Thea also told us about the heating and cooling system installed on the university campus. There are two main locations for the heating and cooling systems.  A utility loop provides heating and cooling for all buildings from the two locations. This is much more efficient that having separate heating and cooling equipment installed for each building.  It is also much easier to make efficiency upgrades to the system and currently one of the upgrades is being partially paid for by Oncor using the credits provided to power users.

One of the attendees, Jose Espinosa, brought a factory plug-in Prius that he purchased in California. This is the first plug-in Prius that many of us have seen in the area.  Jose reports that he is getting 16-18 miles on pure EV power.  The plug-in Prius comes equipped with a 4.4Kw lithium pack and uses the standard J-1772 charging port.  Jose bought the car this spring and already has over 15,000 miles on it!

Speaking of J-1772, Neil Farris brought his VW conversion with a newly installed J-1772 port under the VW emblem.  It is a very (typically for Neil) nice installation.  Michael Harris showed us his new LiFeP04 cells he’s installing in his cabriolet.  These cells come packaged in sets of 4 with covers over the connections and provisions in the covers to route cell management wiring.  Stan reported that the cells for the motorcycle are on the way.  Hopefully we can see it up and running this fall.

During the meeting Neil informed us that the 24 hour fast charging challenge will be scheduled sometime in October.  Ev-Go is still interested but wants to wait till October due to rollout of some additional level 3 charging stations in the area.  National plug-in day is September 23rd. We haven’t heard of any organized activity in the area.  The club may want to consider an Event if none is planned for the area.

Amy Hsu reported that Tesla has put Dallas on the ride and drive schedule.  Go to the web site to sign up.  Be aware that people that have put a payment down will be the first to drive with the rest of us poor souls on a waiting list.

Pat-Major-Harris joined us for her second NTEAA meeting.  We met Pat at the “Leaf” reunion last month.  Pat has a method of “hyper mileage” driving that is delivering 5.6 miles/KWH as shown on the monitor.  Can anyone beat that?

The NTEAA would like to thank Thea and the UTD for hosting the meeting.  Thea would like to have us back when school is in session to meet with the Vehicle Technology department and get access to the labs to show us the research currently going on in this area.  Sounds like a great future meeting.

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