Saturday, August 18th, 2012 Monthly Meeting

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Monthly NTEAA Meeting

Date : Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Time : 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location : Dallas MakerSpace (DMS)

Address : 2995 Ladybird Lane Dallas, TX 75229 (off Monroe and Walnut Hill)

Website :

All monthly meetings are free to attend and open to the public.

  • Called to order 10:25 AM
  • Minutes from last meeting
    • deferred
  • Upcoming events discussion
    • Tesla test drives Aug 18-19 (Hotel Palomar) going over after the meeting
    • Current Motor, all electric Super Scooters test drives at Dell in September more details to follow.
    • EVGO onsite display request possibly in November, and since we want to do the 24 hour drive, that makes sense. (see next bullet)
    • The 24 hour EV drive discussed…will focus on having the event as a prelude to the November meeting…start the drive at 10 AM on Friday, and end at 10 AM on Saturday. The idea is to have 3 teams driving a rally to see who can put on the most miles.
    • National plug-in day Sept 23,  Neal will contact Blink to see schedule.
    • September meeting 9-15 Plano, Mitsubishi Dealer
    • Eco Fair Oct 17th , Pepsi in Plano (Ron will follow up
    • October meeting 10-20 at Tanners
  • Need to order additional business cards (Paul)
  • Members projects
    • Stan on his motorcycle, testing batteries using Norlock washers.
    • Mike on VW battery upgrade all going well.
    • Neal adding batteries to his pack to up the voltage.
    • Thad has 90% of his parts assembled…
    • Ronnie looking to convert a Prius to plug in
    • Norris battery problems with the Eclipse
    • Jared has new batteries in the Fiero
  • The Program – decided not to show the movie
  • Adjourn 11:30 AM

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