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Date : Friday, November 16th, 2012

Time : 10:00 PM Friday to  10:00 AM Saturday

Start Location : Don Herring Mitisubshi in Irving

Start Address : 2901 West Airport Freeway Irving, TX 75062

End Location : Dallas MakerSpace (DMS)

End Address : 2995 Ladybird Lane Dallas, TX 75229 (off Monroe and Walnut Hill)

New network of fast charger provide EV drivers unlimited mileage within Dallas/Ft Worth!

A new network of fast chargers offers electric vehicles unlimited mileage in the Dallas/Ft.Worth  metroplex.  The new level III charging network is capable of charging a properly equipped electric vehicle battery pack to 80% capacity in 20 minutes or less.  There are now 19 of these fast charging stations scattered at convenient locations throughout the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. All Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi IMev electric vehicles have the option to add a level III charging port required for the network.

Two teams from the North Texas Electric Auto Association (NTEAA) recently took this fast charging network for a “test drive”.   One team drove a Mitsubishi iMev and the other drove a Nissan Leaf.   Each team was given twelve hours to drive their vehicles as far as they could using the fast charging network.

The charging stations are located at Walgreens, Cracker Barrel restaurants, and ironically gas stations.  The stations are well lighted and monitored by video.  The chargers have step by step instructions and are easy to use.  The chargers display the kilowatt hours input to the battery by the charging station mimicking the gallons on a gas pump.  The charging can be terminated at any time by the push of a button if the user determines that sufficient KWH has been transferred.  The charger will automatically terminate when the vehicle battery is 80% charged.

Smart phone applications are available to route you to the nearest station. The teams found that the fast chargers were capable of putting 50 miles of range into the vehicle in 20 minutes or less.  Every charging station visited worked and the teams had no problems connecting and using the chargers.  At the end of the twelve hour test drive, Leaf team came out on top with 390 miles driven in twelve hours.  However, team iMev was close behind driving 361 miles.

This network of fast chargers now gives electric vehicle drivers unlimited range within the Dallas/Ft Worth area.  For more information, check out https://www.evgonetwork.com/

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