Saturday, April 20th, 2013 Monthly Meeting

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Monthly NTEAA Meeting

Date : Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Time : 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location : Dallas MakerSpace (DMS)

Address : 2995 Ladybird Lane Dallas, TX 75229 (off Monroe and Walnut Hill)

All monthly meetings are free to attend and open to the public.

The March 2013 meeting of the North Texas Electric Auto association (NTEAA) was held at Dallas Makerspace,  2995 Ladybird Lane, Dallas Texas.  There were 12 people in attendance.

Old Business- Ron and Mike attended the opening of the Dallas auto show.   We were invited by the Ford representatives.  Not much going on EV wise on the Ford display but they did talk with Nissan and found that the Tennessee plant is up and running producing 2013 Leaf’s .  They also talked with some Nissan reps that told them they expected a 15% boost in range for 2014.

New Business-  Ron told us that Carolyn has said the Leaf reunion is on again for June.  It will be at Auto Nation on the third week end in June.  Earth Day Dallas is the weekend of April 20th .  We will have the monthly meeting at the display.  We are trying to set up in the  same place as last year near the exit from the DART train.  Bob did not attend the meeting but word is we would get a space.  The scout show is also in May.  We need to contact Brian for the details.  We should prepare a short presentation at the scout level.   Jack Rickard and EvTV are going to once again host EVcon .  This time in August.  Bob and Stan plan to attend.  There’s a $100 discount if you sign up before April.  The Tesla service center is open for a meeting later in the year.  They are quite busy right now.  We also talked about a trip to Bonham in July to see Mike’s various projects (Road Trip!)

Project Updates- Neal and Mike had drove their conversions to the meeting.  Norris drove his new IMev to the meeting and reported a drive of 62 miles with 5 miles indicated as remaining.  This trip took 14Kw to recharge according a wattmeter device he has on the outlet used to charge (4.42 miles/KWH).  He’s looking into building an EVSE and has ordered a charging cable he’s found at a price of $111.  Mike added 110 and 220 volt charging to the Rabbit.  It’s looking good with it’s new paint job.  He has a 110 volt plug attached to a J1172 connector.  Even with no proximity interface when he plugs it into his car it charges.  He’s reported that it also worked on the Leaf.  Seems the proximity and charge rate interface are mainly used for the protection of the EVSE. Mark Dessendorfer as there and reported that he hasn’t driven his NMG since June.  He’s had some problems with his arm and can’t steer it without arm strength.  He’s been keeping up with the batteries and has charged them periodically.  Stanton Zeff was there and told us about home energy use tracker (Model-It).  This monitor is a whole house tracker that has sensors for each major device that you want to track.  He said that most are for 110 but he found he could get a 220 volt device for his Leaf.  If anyone is interested in a home energy monitoring system, please contact Stanton.   Stanton also reported he’s ordered a 12 volt lithium battery for his leaf from Lithium Pro.  They seemed to want to work with him and will track how it performs as the auxiliary battery in the Leaf.

Meeting – Mike and Neal present a Power Point presentation on battery monitoring systems.  They both have these systems in their conversions.  It was a very good presentation and we need to upload this to our web site.

BTW- There were seven EV’s driven to the meeting.  I think that’s a new high.

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