Renewable Energy Roundup & Sustainable Living Expo Road Trip

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Here is some info & stats on our Road trip to Belton for the Renewable Energy Roundup & Sustainable Living Expo.

 I left my house at 05:36 with a charge of 269 miles


Picked up Mellen & Stephen at 06:17.  Flower Mound to Downtown = 34 miles of battery driving 80MPH (Actual = 27miles.)


Czech Stop in West happened at 07:34.  85 MPH cost us 135 miles (actual = 81miles.)


Hit the Super Charger at 07:50 at Collin Street Bakery.  16 miles but 23 battery miles when driving fast.



Of course we HAD to promote the tour while Super Charging!


And write the date of when the Tour is happening:


If we are going to make the first speaker on time, we need to leave.  We charged for 30 minutes and picked up 103 more miles.  As the battery starts getting full, charging speed is reduced.  We averaged 3.433 miles/minute.  Highest charge we received was 359miles/hour or 5.98 miles/minute.


Now the story gets funny.  I was passed by this Highland Park Diva – in a Mini Cooper?


There are Tesla rules.  This is NOT allowed.  We are already driving fast, but the Service Loaner Tesla gave me for this trip has a regulator.  It is NOT allowed to go over 90MPH.  We passed several Corvettes though:

20140927_084010-1.jpg20140927_084038-1.jpg 20140927_084048-1.jpg

But we were unsuccessful in passing this Mini Cooper?  Embarrassing.  Stephen has video of my frustration.

Call this trip very close.  We arrived with 3 minutes to spare.  Miles = 47 from Waco, but driving fast cost us 65 battery miles.


Awesome day, I learned a lot, & loved all the speakers (especially Bill Neukranz & Stephen Blackburn’s.)


Returning we expected our sign and cards we left in the Super Chargers to be gone.  4 of the 8 were, so there were at least 4 Tesla’s charging during the day,


Our sign was still there pointing to DFW!  I love it:


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