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How We Started
The North Texas – Electric Auto Association (NTEAA) was established in November of 1995 as an affiliate chapter of the Electric Auto Association (EAA). NTEAA was Incorporated in 2008 and became 501C in 2009.

The North Texas – Electric Auto Association’s goal is to support local EV enthusiasts,  and to promote and educate the public regarding the benefits of  electric vehicles.


Even if you’re not a National EAA member, you are always welcome to attend our  meetings. Anyone who’s at a meeting is always a member in our eyes….
We do accept a voluntary “local” dues to help fund our non-profit events but it is still fine to come to a few meetings to decide if you wish to join/support our local or national club. The suggested local fee would be $20  for the year.

If you do wish to join the National EAA, please join using the EAA Membership page on the official National Association web site (link below).

Indicate “North Texas” as the local club you wish to support.

Our local (North Texas) club will receive a portion of your National EAA membership fee which we use for shows, fliers, cards, meetings,  events and teaching tools.





If you wish to make a Donation to NTEAA, please contact us by emailing nteaa.org@gmail.com.   We use the money for shows, fliers, cards, meetings, events, teaching tools, and etc.

For physical donations (car, motors, cable, etc.) please contact us by email or in person.For donations received, you will receive a donation letter for your donation.  The North Texas Electric Auto Association does not set the value of your gift.  This is the privilege and responsibility of the donor.  No goods or services are provided to the donor other than intangible benefits.__________________________________________________________

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are FREE and held on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  Be sure you check out details about upcoming meetings and events by visiting Upcoming Events/Meeting page.  We do occasionally move to a different date because of conflicts or convenience from another event.  So be sure to check the upcoming meetings and events page.

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