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Here is NTEAA’s Library of documents.  This will be used to store all sorts of documents.  Some of these documents will be very technical and others are just informational.

Carrying The Energy Future PDF

Battery Maintenance PDF

Peaking Of World Oil Production PDF

Winning The Oil Endgame PDF

Pit Pass Article on the Racing EV “White Zombie” PDF

Why Plug In Cars PDF

Dallas / Fort Worth Gas Prices (off site link)

Fuel Efficiency base on Acers:

The following chart is how far a car can drive based on either of the following forms of energy, each produced from 100m x 100m (2.5 acres) of land:

Why does bio fuel not really cut it? Electric cars are about four times more energy efficient than fuel based cars. This is because fuel engines mostly creates heat and thus wastes the majority of the energy units available. Combine this with bio fuel plants not being efficient compared to solar energy harvesters relative to semiconductor based solar electricity, and the result is this huge difference.     SOURCE : Photon International 4/07

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