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Bio information of each NTEAA officer

Ron Swanson

Ron is a retired nuclear engineer who is sure the cars of the future must be electric powered. He has been a follower of the electric car industry since 1980, and now driving his 3rd Nissan Leaf. He is also interested in converting existing ICE cars to run on electricity, as are many members of the club. He uses all electric lawn equipment. He has an extensive background in computers and software from his days at IBM. He also has a global perspective after living and working in Johannesburg South Africa for several years.  He has served NTEAA as VP since 2009 till 2012 and is now President.


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Neil Farris

Neal Farris
(Vice President)

Neal built is first EV in 2009 which has been very popular build.  It is a 1999 Volkswagon Golf.  It was so well built that it shows every part of the EV.   Even his wife now drives a Nissan Leaf.  He also has a riding electric mower he mows his yard with which he restored and looks very sharp.  Neal has been a big help for the EV Community for the last several years with shows and events.



Suzie Jary

Suzie is a member of a 2 EV family, with a Leaf and a Volt. She is an active member who participates in our EV outreaches across North Texas.


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Stanton Zeff

Stanton Zeff

Stanton Zeff Bio

Stanton’s life-long dream of owning an electric car (BEV) was finally realized with the commercial availability of the Nissan Leaf in 2011. Since then, he has promoted EVs at every opportunity, eventually leading to his involvement in the NTEAA. He enjoys passing gas stations (without stopping) and giving presentations on his EV experience.

Stanton holds a BSEE from the University of Texas at Austin and an MS in Telecommunications from SMU. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas with over twenty years experience in the telecommunications field. In addition, he is a Senior Member of IEEE and Past Chairman of the Dallas Section of the IEEE Communications and Vehicular Technology Society, where he received an award for Outstanding Service to the society.



Jared Leverington
(Web Developer)

Jared is a computer programmer; primary doing Web Development with API interfaces into Legacy systems.  He joined NTEAA in 2006, when he first learned about EVs from watching the movie “Who Killed The Electric Car” (also known as WKTEC in the EV Community).  He has had his EV grin since 2007 when he bought his first EV conversion.  He has sold his first EV conversion but now he drives a Nissan Leaf as his daily driver.  He also has other electric devices, using an electric mower and weed eater for his yard and an electric scooter for around the neighborhood.  Other notables about Jared; he was Vice President in 2009 and then became President of NTEAA from 2009 thru 2012.  So he has been very active in the EV community since 2006.



William Bohan

William Louis Bohan “Bill”
(Board of Directors)

Bill’s earliest involvement in EV’s could be dated back to his Junior Year in college.  For a Lab Project, he designed a Motor Speed Control for an Electric Car.  Since then, he always wanted one.  In about 1984, when the first EV was produced by GM, called the EV-1, he called the R&D Group in Detroit and asked to buy an EV-1 off the assembly line.  Back then he was making about $24K a year, gross pay.  The R&D Group quoted the price of $120K.  Gross adjusted dollars, present value, that is the same as asking $500K for the EV-1 now.  One of the earliest EV meetings was held in the newly constructed Richardson Square Mall, in the Community Room, hosted by Paul Schaffer.  Those were our humble beginnings as a group.


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