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Welcome to the North Texas Electric Auto Association website.




Welcome New Volt, Leaf and Tesla owners! We hope your experience with your new car is great.  A lot of us are jealous of your new cars.  We hope you will be able to attend some of our future meetings and events to share your experience with your EV.  Or if you are thinking of buying a new Volt, Leaf or Tesla and want to learn more first hand experience, come and ask question from current owners.  We already have several Volt, Leaf and Tesla owners in our group.  So we hope you all will come visit with us some time and show off your new cars.

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We hope you learn a lot about EVs and how they can greatly impact our lives and our environment.  There are probably EVs driving around you right now that you don’t even notice.  Then again there are EVs out there that you can’t keep your eyes off of.  We hope you will come to one of our meetings where we discuss EV and EV topics and also play with some of the EVs at the meetings.  We always try to get a few EVs to every meeting to show off and have fun.

Driving Electric

NTEAA and Tesla

Monthly Meeting :
To get the latest information on the Monthly Meeting,  Click Here!  Just a reminder that all of our meetings are free and open to the public.  They are just informative meetings about EVs and questions are welcome and encouraged.


Contact NTEAA :
If you would like to contact NTEAA about meetings and/or events, please send an email to nteaa.org@gmail.com and one of the officers will respond to your email.   If you would like to take part of our conversations and learn more about EVs, please join our Yahoo Group at this link.  NTEAA Yahoo Group
To join is free, just send in your request and you will get approved.  We use the approval method to prevent spammers in our group, but you will be approved shortly after submitting your request.

Interesting Tidbits:

National Unleaded Gasoline Average

In 1908 there were more Electric Cars than gas cars!

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